The activities of the Baid Group began more than three quarter of a century back. The saga of success started in the year 1992 with the establishment of Solux Galfab Pvt. Ltd. (SOLUX). Since that time there has been no turning back.


Today the Group is one of the leading conglomerates, with a firm foothold in its areas of operation. Our clientele constitutes of top-notch companies, government establishments and leading companies in the FMCG and Telecom sector.


The spirit of hard work and the commitment to customer satisfaction, inherited from our parent company Pannalal Sagarmal provide unprecedented visibility into projects. Promptness and Quality is our motto and integrity is our password because we are the people who are capable of delivering the goods to your entire satisfaction.

In House Facilities

Solux Galfab has in-house facilities for :


Design of towers - We use most modern designing software for static & dynamic analysis of the tower models.

We have a well equipped tool room to facilitate maintenance of our dies, tools etc.

We employ modern techniques of fabrication to ensure that there is negligible defect in the material.

We have in-house Oil Furnace galvanizing plant with No Objection Certificate from the Pollution Control Department.

Other Facilities
Apart from above in-house facilities, we have long term arrangements with specialized consultants for :
Soil investigations
Galvanization of fabricated tower materials
Testing of materials as per applicable standards.
We can organize the following tests in relation to towers :
Strength of materials used
Thickness of zinc coating provided
Testing the verticality of tower using theologies etc.
Value of earth resistance
Quality Our Forte

Our factories are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and the latest technology. We follow stringent regulations regarding manufacture and quality control. We have general and research laboratories that are equipped with advanced testing equipment to ensure that they depict flawless results. Continuous improvements in quality are achieved through teamwork, training and motivation.


Quality and customer satisfaction have been the driving factors for us. We design & fabricate towers according to specified international standards. We do galvanizing after complete fabrication of tower, to ensure that all the holes are coated through and all the weld joints (if any) are properly protected. Owing to our inherent qualities we are also awarded with ISO 9001:2000 certificate and are in the process of obtaining ISO 14001 certificate as well.

Our Capabilities
Design Engineering
Engineering consultation
Manufacturing and custom fabrication
Turnkey project implementation from inception to completion
Inspection and Maintenance
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